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12 octobre 2017 4 12 /10 /octobre /2017 16:07
Panoply. Extract of painting “Le Chariot" - Otz Chiim - Tree of Life.

Style: "Le Symbolisme Perspectiviste", thus cultural indications of principles given with each painting, image, to meditate.   
Extract of painting “Le Chariot" (Otz Chiim - Tree of Life, or more precisely the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life Indication: The succession of a Whole emphasizes it in its affinities), collection "The Major Arcana of the Tarot , reserved for cultural exposures, without sale, since 1981. Oil on canvas. (Assorted clothes, tote bags, phone cases, mug, beach panoply and more: michael-bellon.pixels.com). (.png file), choose the background color, size image, of the desired product. Text, fonts licence: HyperForType.   

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Published by Michaël BELLON
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